CWP church: God's Family in Action

At CWP Church, some of us are young, some are old, some of us work city jobs, some do unpaid work, some of us have non English speaking backgrounds, some of us have only English speaking family: we come from all walks of life.

But we have this in common: somewhere, sometime, somehow, we were confronted and humbled by Jesus, that he should love us enough to give his life for us, and rise from death to include us in God’s family.

We gather regularly to learn from the Bible so that we might grow in our relationship with Jesus, and respond in trust, thanksgiving and joy, and so that we might share the love of Jesus with one another.

Will you join us?

Our locations

We have three congregations across two separate locations, in Carlingford and Wentworthville.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about our locations and service times.

Carlingford Presbyterian Church
Wentworthville Presbyterian Church

Getting involved

There are many ways to get involved with our communities:

1. Visit a Sunday meeting.(see locations above)

2. Stay around after the meeting and chat while sharing a meal.

3. Join a Home Group.

4. Bring your children to activities designed for their age group.

5. Come to Evergreens.

Our mission partners

Many people have gone out from our church to serve the Gospel in other places of the world. We keep in touch with them and support them through prayer and financial help. We love to see them each time they visit Sydney again and hear how God is working through them in their adopted communities.

The Blumers (Andrew, Michelle, Aiden, Ashley and Josiah) are serving in Austria with Pioneers.

The Dicksons (John, Denise, James, Mia and Sean) are serving in Thailand with Pioneers.

Alex Kowalenko is serving at Portuguese Bible Institute with ECM.

The Dennesses (Stephen, Mel, Eleanor, Alexander and Edward) are serving in Melbourne with AFES.